2 Children Dead After Fire Breaks Out in Noida while Rescue Ops Underway

New Delhi: At least three three-year-olds have died in a massive fire that broke out in Section 63 of Noida in Uttar Pradesh earlier today. About 150 shacks were destroyed. Police and firefighters rushed to the scene.
The blaze broke out at around 1pm in the JJ group near Beotlhpur village below the boundaries of the Phase 3 police station, according to officials. 2 Children Dead
“About 20 fire tenders were set up at the fire station. The fire is under control now but because of the wind there is still smoke, ”said the Deputy Police Commissioner for Central Noida, said Harish Chander.

“About 150 hens were destroyed by fire and the bodies of two children were found. The cause of the fire was found, ”he said.

Police and fire safety officers were at the scene, he added. 2 Children Dead

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