Xbox, Krispy Kreme Partner for limited Edition Donuts to celebrate 20 years of Gaming Console

Krispy Kreme, an American donut and coffeehouse chain, and a giant Xbox gaming have joined hands to launch the ‘Nexus Level,’ a limited-edition donut.

Fun will be available in offline and online stores in the UK and Ireland from August 2 to August 22, Krispy Kreme said in a promotional video posted on Twitter.

While Xbox has been partnering with food companies in the past, this is the first time that Krispy Kreme has entered the video game promotion business.

The official Twitter host of Krispy Kreme UK posted a video on July 28 announcing the new product. “We’re really excited to share this new, transformative product with you,” Ana Torc, the product’s founder, said in the video.

The visuals then reveal that the new product is actually an offering with an Xbox logo on it.

“This limited-edition donut is made with our light and pale dough with a rich batter and gooey brownie, embedded in icing and decorated with the Xbox logo,” reads Krispy Kreme’s description of the Nexus Level donut in a shared link in a tweet.

In addition, the popular UK morning series is hosting a customer competition, offering the chance to win the free Xbox Series S and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Month, reports Screen Rant.

Giants of video games that meet restaurants and fast food chains are nothing new.

The Xbox previously tied Monster Energy, Trident Gum, and Taco Bell to promote not only the Series X console but also upcoming games such as Halo: Infinite.

Sony, on the other hand, Xbox’s biggest rival, had partnered with Burger King a few months before the launch of the PlayStation 5. The company also offered free consoles for two to five meals.

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