NASA Experiment Finds No Technologies Available To Stop Asteroid Collision with earth

NASA and its peers around the world launched a “table-topping game” last month to find out how long scientists will take to understand and find ways to prevent a catastrophic asteroid collision. Simulation was thought out and intended to give scientists time to prepare for such situations if that were to happen.

They put it this way: an obscure asteroid from a distance of 35 million kilometers (56.3 million kilometers) comes to Earth and is expected to hit the planet in six months. Scientists have been sitting for a week since April 26 devising ways to stop or change the direction of the hypothetical asteroid, called the 2021 PDC.

Participants were provided with information on the daily asteroid, which represented a month on the exercise timeline. The asteroid was set to be between 35m and 700m in size. With each passing hour, scientists begin to build knowledge.

Finally, on Day 2, they confirmed that the impact of the asteroid would occur in six months in a major region, which includes Europe and North Africa. At the end of the week, they said to some extent that an asteroid would strike between Germany and the Czech Republic.

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Scientists later concluded that there is currently no technology available to stop a massive asteroid from extinction. With asteroid deviation, they add, it will take more than six months.

Scientists in a statement said that if we were to face real-life situations “we would not be able to open any spaceship with such a brief notice of current capabilities.”

They also claim that the use of a nuclear explosive device to disrupt an asteroid could reduce the risk of injury even if there is no clear understanding of asteroid structures. However, the ability of nuclear explosives to detonate Earth’s elements may not be sufficient for large asteroids.

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