Vivo X70 Adapted Coming and Turning Camera f / 1.15, Five-Image Enhancement-Axis, 120Hz Rate Refresh

The Vivo X70 is recommended to come with a camera with f / 1.15 aperture and axis image. A tipster from China shared some details with the upcoming Vivo X70 including camera and display.

So far, there is no official information on the Vivo X70 series but a report starting in early June suggested it could be launched in September in partnership with the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Vivo has made the camera technology its landmark to offer the X series and the Vivo X60 series was no different.

The Vivo X60 Pro and the Vivo X60 Pro + come with Gimbal built-in backpack for basic rear cameras that allow you to take very stable videos while on the go.

Vivo X70 details

The Vanilla Vivo X60’s comes with image stabilization and no Gimbal enhancement, but in this case it looks like the Vanilla Vivo X70’s will get a lot of camera development. According to the tipster Digital Chat Station (translated), the Vivo X70’s will feature five-axis image stabilization and f / 1.15 aperture.

The Vivo X60 Pro mid-package model in the X60 series has the largest openings in the f / 1.48 series (the larger the opening, the greater the amount of light that can enter the lens).

Now, the Vanilla Vivo X70 is said to come with even greater openness to f / 1.15 which means it will allow more light to enter, thus getting more detail and delivering better nighttime shots.

Tipster also shared that the Vivo X70 will feature a full HD + display with a 120Hz refresh rate which is not really surprising as the Vivo X60 series has similar meanings.

The Vivo X70’s series will also come with a single hole-punch cut used for the selfie shooter in the center.

As mentioned earlier, Vivo has never shared any information in the Vivo X70 series and it is unclear how many models will be included.

The company is likely to launch the new series in September with the rest of the IPL games as it is the official sponsor of the tournament.

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