Battlegrounds Mobile India Independence Day Mahotsav announced: All rewards prepared for capture

Battlegrounds Mobile India has announced the Mahotsav Freedom Day event in lieu of the upcoming Independence Day in India.

The popular mobile game will offer daily prizes to players during the event, scheduled to last until August 20.

Among the highlights, AWM Skin was closely watched during Mahotsav’s Independence Day.

Battlegrounds Mobile India also promises to offer new prizes to players on a daily basis as they complete a new mission launched during the event.

Players can view these messengers under the event center within the game. Currently there are two areas in which the Freedom Day mission has been distributed.

One is the Independence Day Login Event which requires players to sign up for the game for seven days in a row. Seven days should be between August 12 and August 20 2021.

Players who sign up for seven consecutive days at this time will be able to hold a gift for each day.

These rewards range from Battle Points (BP) and Royale Pass (RP) to AWM skin.

Another part of the event is called Independence Day: Brothers in Arms. It counts the number of three machines players have to complete with their friends within the game.

Players are asked to play Classic Squad mode with their friends several times a day to complete a mission.

Playing up to eight games a day will complete all three missions and unlock their rewards. Rewards include BP and Ace Gold (AG) which can be exchanged for items in the sports store.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is preparing for a landmark 50 million downloads since its launch in July.

The game is banned on Android devices from now on, so the number only represents its download on the Google Play Store.

The battle royale game has already exceeded 49 million downloads and is expected to reach a high level soon.

When the game is launched on iOS, this download is only expected to increase several times.

Although for now, the only news we have is of the Apple App Store launch with a teaser shared by the company last week. However, it does not indicate any specific date you should expect.

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