Violence in Lakhimpur Kheri: CPM MP Writes To PM Modi, Demands Ajay Mishra’s Removal From Union Cabinet

New Delhi: CPI (M) Rajya Sabha MP Elamaram Kareem, wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called for the removal of Interior Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra from the Union cabinet “in light of his direct involvement in the attack on farmers “in Lakhimpur Kheri of Uttar Pradesh.

Kareem, in his letter, said the farmers had led their peaceful protest against the three agriculture bills and for the enactment of an MSP law, among other demands, over the past 10 months.

“The barbaric attack on the farmers of Lakhimpur Kheri would be part of this plot to suppress this demonstration,” he added.

Kareem said that “this cruelty to peaceful farmers and protesters denotes a complete lack of governance” and “exposes the raj of the jungle” in Uttar Pradesh.

Demanding that an “impartial investigation” be carried out to punish all those responsible for this “heinous crime”, the deputy CPI (M) said that “the safety of those involved in democratic processes” must be ensured by governments at the same time. ‘to come up.

Kareem said the whole nation was shocked to learn of the news of the “most gruesome murder” of farmers, who “were protesting peacefully” in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh.

Claiming that four farmers were mowed down by the car driven by the son of the Minister of State for Home Affairs on October 3, Kareem said “there is clear evidence of the convoy, with sirens going off, speeding up. on farmers and kill them ”.

“It is quite unfortunate and reprehensible that a Union minister, who is responsible for protecting people’s lives, is part of a criminal conspiracy with his son to murder farmers by running vehicles over them,” said Kareem said, ANI reported.

The CPI MP (M) said the Minister of State for Home “blatantly violated all democratic standards” and his responsibility to the people of this nation by delivering a “most provocative speech” earlier on September 25 and “threatening and inciting violence” against farmers, who were protesting against agricultural laws.

“Even after the murders in which his son was implicated, the minister justified the atrocity by blaming the farmers. He accused the injured and killed farmers of “foreigners” and claimed the involvement of “Khalistani” elements in defending himself and his relatives, “Kareem said.

Affirming that no investigation can be “impartial” with Ajay Kumar Mishra as Minister of State for the Interior, Kareem said: “I hereby ask for an urgent dismissal of the Union Minister of State. in charge of Home Affairs for his direct responsibility for the barbaric atrocity. “


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