Vice President Kamala Harris Dials PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: U.S. Vice President Kamuka Harris on Thursday spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly. He emphasized the need for cooperation between India and the US. The call was made by US Vice President Kamuka Harris, the ANI media quoted sources as saying. During the summit, US Deputy President Kamara Harris briefed Prime Minister Modi on the US plans to make anti-COVID-19 drugs available in other countries, including India, under the “Strategy for Global Vaccine Sharing”.
Prime Minister Modi also expressed his gratitude to Deputy President Harris for the US decision, as well as for all other forms of support and solidarity India has received in recent days from the US Government, business and the Indian community visiting the US.
According to the Prime Minister, the leaders discussed ongoing efforts to strengthen the health care system between the US and India, including the vaccine production area. They highlighted the strength of India-US cooperation and Quad vaccination program in addressing the long-term health impact of the epidemic
This comes at a time when American authorities have announced they will donate 25 million doses of COVID-19 overseas, most of which have been donated to the WHO’s Covax program. In a statement, the White House said it would donate more than six million to countries affected by the eruption, including Canada, Mexico and India.

Prime Minister Modi also tweeted, “Deputy President Kamula Harris said recently. I am very grateful for the confirmation of the availability of vaccines in India as part of the US immunization program. I also thank him for the support and solidarity from the US government, business and other countries. ”

“We also discussed the ongoing efforts to strengthen India-US cooperation in vaccination, as well as our strategic partnership in contributing to the health and economic recovery after Covid,” Prime Minister Modi said.

U.S. Deputy President Camera also spoke to President Andres Manuel López Obrador of Mexico, President Alejandro Giammattei of Guatemala and Prime Minister Keith Rowley, Chair of the Caribbean Community, said Senior Adviser and Chief Spokesperson Syone Sanders.

Harris informed each leader that the United States would begin sharing the first 25 million doses of COVID vaccines in their countries and in others, as part of the US Administration’s framework for sharing at least 80 million vaccines worldwide by the end of June, he added.

Sander went on to say that the US Vice President also said that management’s efforts were focused on achieving a wider global reach, responding to surges and helping as many countries as possible to ask for policies. “Leaders have agreed to continue working together to address COVID,” he said.

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