Users of Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Report White and Green Display Problems With Worse Over Time

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series report issues with their screens. Complaints regarding white or green patches on the screen are reported, which worsen over time, until the handset can be used.

Many complaints come from Samsung Galaxy S20’s + and Samsung Galaxy S20’s Ultra users. Users publish videos in the news with their displays, as well as screenshots. Although the president of Samsung’s public stadiums suggested that the handset be opened and reset, there was no official response, and users said the approach did not solve the problem at all.

Another Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ₹ 97,999 user has used a public forum to complain about the small flexible wires on his handset, which were visible during games.

The lines turned green and eventually white and the phone started to get very hot. When he contacted Samsung, his representatives instructed him to perform a soft reset, but he did not appear to have resolved the issue.

User posts later that Samsung replaced the display and battery to fix the problem.

Users of Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Report

Samsung Galaxy S20’s + user on Reddit also shared a problem video. The video shows the phone showing green lines across the screen, followed by white lines, making it unusable.

From now on it seems to take the place of the display by going to Samsung’s repair center. If the phone is not included in the warranty, this could result in a higher cost.

Samsung is yet to officially respond to the display issue affecting users of the Samsung Galaxy S20’s series. Calls from Samsung are not new to display-related issues.

Earlier this year, the company released a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G ₹ 47,999 aimed at fixing the long-standing touch screen problem.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G are said to have started experiencing problems using the phone’s touch screen shortly after its launch.

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