University Grants Commission : Graduation will have to be completed in 7 years, 4 year degree holders will be able to do Phd directly

University Grants Commission : Bachelor’s Honors degree will now be awarded after four years of study instead of three. UGC announced this Monday. A curriculum and credit framework has been prepared for the four-year undergraduate program. Bachelor’s Honors degree will now be awarded after four years of study instead of three.

The UGC announced this Monday.

According to the National Education Policy, the curriculum and credit framework for the four-year undergraduate program has been prepared.

With the new system, students will have more facilities for admission in foreign institutions and for going abroad for employment.

If a student leaves studies before three years, he/she will be allowed to rejoin within three years of exit.

Also, the student has to complete his degree within the stipulated period of seven years.

Compulsory study of common courses

The first three semesters all students will have to take compulsory study of common and introductory courses. It includes subjects like science, theatre, dance, art, music, literature etc. Common will have 24 credits and introductory will have 18 credits.

One main subject will have to be selected

In the fourth, fifth and sixth semesters one main subject will have to be taken and the option of two minor ie minor subjects will be available. Out of this, one of the minor subjects will be a compulsory vocational course. The main subject will be of 48 credits and the minor subject will be of 16-16 credits.

Honors and Research option

In the 7th and 8th semesters, the student will have the option of Honors and Research. Students can pursue multidisciplinary research or complete the degree with a single discipline in the final year.

Certificate in the first year of studies, diploma in the second, degree in the third and honors degree and research degree in the fourth.

Entry-exit facility will be available within seven years. Students having four year UG degree program will be directly eligible for Ph.D.

University Grants Commission

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