Udaipur murder suspected linked to ISIS, also planned terror strikes in Jaipur, according to police

Udaipur Murder: According to police sources, the two guys accused of beheading a tailor in Udaipur, Rajasthan, have ties to the terrorist group ISIS, which is outlawed. The accused were allegedly involved in a plot to stage multiple explosions in Jaipur on March 30.

Both of the arrested suspects, according to NIA officials, would be taken to Delhi for questioning while having their electronic and mobile devices transferred for forensic analysis. Investigative authorities believe that the accused’s motivation for the murder came from watching ISIS propaganda films.

To obtain information on the posts and chats made by both of the accused on social media, the NIA team is working with forensic and cyber specialists. Investigations on their ties to Dawat-e-Islam are also ongoing.

They were connected to Al-sufa, an outlying sleeper organisation of ISIS, through Pakistan’s Dawat-e-Islami. Mohammad Riaz “Attari,” one of the two accused, was the leader of Al-sufa in Udaipur. Riaz is married and has two children. Additionally, he had ties to Mujeeb, an ISIS terrorist who had previously been detained in Tonk.

Together with Mohammad Ghouse, the second defendant in the murder case and his brother, Riaz allegedly orchestrated a hate campaign. Along with 30 other people, Ghouse travelled to Karachi through Jodhpur in 2014, where he received 45 days of training at Dawat-e-Islami. The organisation allegedly used to brainwash children after returning. According to the police, the accused was in contact with eight Pakistani mobile numbers.

According to authorities, the suspects confessed during interrogation that they intended to murder another businessman in Udaipur. Five more individuals have been detained by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in the interim. More arrests will reportedly be made in this case, according to sources.


On Tuesday, a tailor was killed in Udaipur in broad daylight, inciting unrest. The shopkeeper, Kanhaiya Lal, was killed by two men who hacked off his head and then made a video confessing to the crime after learning about the victim’s sympathy for former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on social media.

On Tuesday night in the Rajsamand district’s Bheem neighbourhood, the police detained the two suspects. While attempting to escape, the accused were apprehended.

The NIA was given the investigation’s reins by the Centre on Wednesday. After a preliminary investigation showed that the two suspects, who had been detained by the Rajasthan Police, were under the control of ISIS, the Ministry of Home Affairs hurriedly dispatched a four-person team on Tuesday night.

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