Twitter alleges threat to free speech

Twitter alleges threat- Twitter on Thursday accused the government of “dangerous crimes against the open, democratic principles”, and said it was forced to “withhold” (blockade India) sections of “free speech” on its platform for fear of its workers’ safety and financial sanctions threats.
Although the statement did not elaborate on the tweets, sources indicated that they were related to the government’s request to dismantle the tweets related to farmers’ protests, some of which the Center believes sell trafficking against India, and others that criticized the second wave of coronavirus and Twitter alleges threat.
“We maintain that the content reported in the original form is a secure, legal and compliant statement, under Indian and international law, and we have legally transferred this to the government.… blocking in India) in response to a notification of non-compliance. Failure to do so will result in severe penalties for Twitter employees. “
However, the speaker added that Twitter had not taken any action against verified accounts containing news organizations, journalists, activists and politicians “in line with our policies to protect protected speech and freedom of speech”.
Twitter alleges threat- The statement came a day after the social media platform was seen as inconsistent with new communications practices where it was required to appoint appointed officers to deal with complaints and compliance without having to disclose content where people are being slandered or sexually explicit.
As in February, when it complained about the safety of its employees, on Thursday again, a small blogging platform made a similar request after Delhi police arrived at its headquarters a few days ago to investigate the tools, which led to Twitter marking some BJP posts posted as “news”.
Twitter says there are concerns about “intimidation” tactics by the police and criticizes the new IT rules.
The company said it was “deeply concerned” about the need for law enforcement agencies to deal with content crime on the platform, the authority for effective monitoring, and the “sleep-deprived authority to seek information” by customers. “This means dangerous extremism that is not in line with the open principles of democracy.”

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