These are the reasons why student’s of high technical education are not willing to give online examinations

Uttar Pradesh Technical Education Department will be finalizing the modalities for conducting the online examinations for the students in the technical institutions under the three universities in the state. Technical Education secretary Alok Kumar in a recent tweet stated that the students of the three technical institutions – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Harcourt Butler Technical University, and the Madan Mohan University of Technology will be appearing for online exams.

Problem caused during online examinations : After discussing with student’s on the topic of online exam here are major issue which are caused or faced by the students–

1-Internet Connectivity: Internet connectivity is still a huge problem in rural and remote areas. In the case of a concurrent number of exams, internet Connectivity can be a huge challenge for the smooth flow and execution of the online exam.

2-Communication with exam candidates: An online exam is conducted across multiple locations. It is essential that communication with remote candidates is conducted seamlessly to clarify any doubts or queries regarding any process. This will ensure the smooth execution of the exam.

3-Online Exam Security: Online examination process security is one of the critical challenges. Proper authentication, authorization process should be followed to ensure that the right candidate is appearing for the exam in a secure environment without any malpractices.

4- Syllabus not complete: Due to the lockdown the syllabus is incomplete in many colleges , but online exam is scheduled with full syllabus.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has made an important decision regarding exams for universities, engineering colleges, and polytechnics. Uttar Pradesh Technical Education Secretary Alok Kumar said this time all engineering and polytechnic exams will be conducted online.

On the other hand, the end of studies and post-diploma exams will take place in the second week of July. The rest of the exams will take place the last week of July. The peculiarity is that in this year’s exams, only objective questions will be asked in the questionnaire.

Let us tell you that earlier the government has decided to cancel the first year and second year examinations of higher education.

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