Delhi Police Arrest 3 for Designing and Selling Fire Extinguishers Like Oxygen Cylinders, 532 Cylinders Taken

The three accused arrested by Delhi Police were painting the fire extinguishers to make them look like oxygen cylinders and later sell to needy people at an exorbitant rate amid ongoing Oxygen crisis in national capital.

Delhi police have arrested three people for cheating Coronavirus patients by selling fire extinguishers instead of life-saving oxygen cylinders. During the investigation into the dark marketing of the oxygen cylinder, Delhi Police achieved great success.

Police arrived at the Alipur landfill site where three people were found involved in painting black cylinders in black, police said. The suspects painted fire extinguishers to make them look like oxygen cylinders and later sold them to the needy at a high rate amid the ongoing Oxygen crisis in the national capital.

Delhi police seized 532 gas cylinders of various sizes from godown, of which 73 were already installed. Police also found two electrical implants in the godown that were used to remove the red cylinder paint. Police also found 26 oxygen tanks.

Police arrested three suspects who were playing tricks on people’s lives by selling fire extinguishers instead of oxygen cylinders. According to police, the three suspects used to collect empty or outdated fire cylinders and sell them as fuel or replenish fire-fighting CO2.

In the epidemic, the suspects began to deceive by removing red paint from fire extinguishers, after making black and silver paint, and began selling them on the market by making them look like oxygen cylinders. During the investigation, the suspects admitted that they sold many such cylinders in the market.

Experts say that these extinguishers can be fatal because oxygen is injected into an oxygen tank using high pressure. In that case, these fire extinguishers could explode, which could lead to a major accident.

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