The date for the launch of NASA James Webb Space Telescope has finally been set

After a long delay, the NASA telescope James Webb Space Telescope will be launched on December 18, 2021. The test will be completed in August, with a few months of further testing.

After that the hardware will be introduced to access orbit. NASA will use the Ariane 5 rocket provided by ESA for this launch.

Most of NASA’s Telescope has already been switched to launchpad. Some will change as the start date approaches. Also known as JWST, the telescope was scheduled to be completed in 2016 and start in 2018.

Progress began in 1996, but there were a number of construction requirements for the Telescope that led to unexpected delays.

There have been many challenges in the past, when most of the work had to be removed and rebuilt in 2005.

JWST is considered a follower of the current telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope. It has a large mirror and focuses on the most common observations that can find galaxies that Hubble could not see.

However, there are some technical challenges that still need to be overcome. As the JWST metal should remain very cold, about -370F.

Otherwise they will be disturbed by infrared ratings. So there is a need for a large solar shield and installation in the sun-earth Lagrange.

The JWST goal is short-lived compared to another NASA project, with a life expectancy of five years. However, they hope to achieve a 10-year lifespan.

It would help astronomers and astronomers in their studies better than their predecessor, Hubble. Infrared waves will pass through cosmic dust, which is the main source of cooling celestial bodies.

NASA James Webb Space Telescope

It is not easy to solve these challenges, and NASA is working to solve the problems before they are launched.

JSWT is a $ 8.8 billion Observatory with 18 glasses with six gold cases. In addition to the delays, there were extra costs.

Currently, there are no reports of cost overruns due to this view. Back in 2017, it was planned that the cost would be $ 1 billion for James Webb and launch.

The director of Webb’s program at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC, Gregory L. Robinson commented, “Webb is a model work that demonstrates the foundation of patience.”

The current launch was set after NASA was in talks with Arianespace to launch the Telescope.

From its launch in Kourou, French Guiana will be launched on December 18. With the last tests completed, the final deployment operations are currently underway.

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