Sunny Leone Controversy: MP Home Minister’s warning

Sunny Leone- Madhuban Controversy: In the new video album from Bollywood actress (Sunny Leone) to Mathura (Madhuban Mein Radhika), there was a ruckus about the “obscene” dancing to the song “Madhuban Mein Radhika”.

After the release of the new album, on the one hand, where the wise men warned Sunny Leone, now the Interior Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Dr Narottam Mishra, also indicated that action had to be taken.

Narottam warned that Sunny Leone and Sarib Aslam Toshi should remove this controversial dance video within three days and apologize, otherwise strict action will be taken against them after consulting legal experts.

In fact, this Sunny Leone song was released on December 22. With the release, she started to go viral on social media and many users trolled her as well. Regarding the lyrics of this song ‘Madhuban Mein Radhika Naache Re’, people say that the way Sunny dances in it and she is very reprehensible according to the lyrics of this song, Radha is revered for us. It hurt the religious feelings of Hindus. At the same time, people are now boycotting this song.

The saints of mathura threatened to go to court

The saints say that Radha is worshiped for them. Sunny did an obscene dance to the song. It should therefore be banned. He accused the dance of hurting the religious feelings of Hindus by calling it obscene. He said: “If the government doesn’t take any action against the actress and ban her video album, we will contact the court.”

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