Sonu Sood and Team Save the Lives of 20 COVID-19 Patients at ARAK Hospital in Bangalore

The actor’s personal work, which helps the community Sonu Sood has always given him appreciation from all quarters. The actor has always been a pillar of the post to help others.

Humanitarian and philanthropist Sonu Sood’s work has always earned him recognition from all over the world. The actor has been running a writing column to help and support the needy in the midst of coronavirus infection. Recently, the actor and his team worked all night to provide oxygen at ARAK Hospital in Bangalore. The actor announced that they could save the lives of at least 20-22 people who were in danger due to allegations of lack of oxygen cylinders.

Sonu Sood saves the lives of 22 patients The team responded immediately to the call and went into action while arranging the patient cylinders. Wake up all your contacts and let them know about the emergency. . Within hours, 15 more oxygen cylinders were installed by the crew.

According to ANI, the actor praised the collaboration of the people who helped them in any way they could to set up oxygen cylinders. “This has been a great partnership with the will to help our people. As soon as we received a call from Inspector Satyanarayan, we confirmed it and acted within minutes. The team spent the whole night thinking nothing but helping the hospital get oxygen cylinders. If there had been a delay, many families would have lost their own. ”

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He added, “I want to thank everyone who helped save so many lives last night. Such actions by members of my team would make me want to keep trying to make a difference in people’s lives.

The actor also received support from CPI Satyanarayan. He and the police handled the situation well.
Meanwhile, the actor had previously extended a hand to a critically ill patient in Jhansi and airlifted him to Hyderabad Hospital. The family made several attempts and even went to a local lawyer, but did not get help.

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