Friday, December 9, 2022

‘I really love her’: Supriya Pathak remembers her first encounter with her stepdaughter Shahid Kapoor

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Shahid Kapoor shares a good relationship with the marriage partners of his parents and his former partners. After the divorce of his parents, Pankaj Kapur married Supriya Pathak while his mother Neelima Azeem tied the knot with Rajesh Khattar.

However, Neelima and Rajesh split up a few years later. Now, during a recent interview, Supriya has talked extensively about the relationship they shared with her stepdaughter and the character Shahid. He also revealed that he met her when she was 6 years old.

Supriya told Pinkvilla, “We met as friends. I was a friend of his father. And it always was … Because we never really lived together, he was the very person I always trusted. I love him so much. If there is one thing I can say, that I feel really strong …”

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The Chicago actress would never say, “It’s like I believe him.”

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