My brother is gone, tweets Pia Bajpiee hours after applying for an ICU bed in Uttar Pradesh

Pia Bajpiee who has worked mainly on films in Tamil and Telugu recently lost her brother to COVID-19. The actor took to Twitter to claim a respite bed in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh.
His tweet read, “My brother is gone …” The tweet was behind a series of tweets seeking help from his brother, who was facing COVID-19.

In a matter of urgency, hours before his brother’s death, he tweeted, “I need urgent help in Farukhabad, Kayamganj block, UP … in a ventilated bed … My brother is dying … Any leader please contact if you know or who – 9415191852 Abhishek … we are already in a mess. “

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His fighting spirit and determination were reflected in a quote he posted on Instagram. It was a reminder and inspiration to people facing difficult times in their lives. The post read as “Hero. Remind yourself of what you were able to overcome. Every time you felt like you couldn’t pass, you proved yourself wrong. You have more power than you think.

Besides, many others in the cinema industry are facing this difficult situation and losing loved ones. Bhumi Pednekar has written down his grief over the loss of two of his loved ones in COVID-19. In a tweet, he wrote, “We have lost two loved ones from my immediate world 24 hours ago, three by criticism. I spent my day looking for Oxygen and beds to find the ones we could keep. ”

Meanwhile, actress Suu Sood on her latest twitter has called on China to suspend the loads of oxygen links in India. “We are trying to get hundreds of oxygen concentrators in India. It is sad to say that China has blocked most of our burdens and here in India we are losing our lives every minute. I am asking @ China_Amb_India @MFA_China to help us fix our burden so that we can save lives, ”wrote Sonni.
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