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Stuart Broad bowled the most expensive over in Test

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Stuart Broad- Jasprit Bumrah and Stuart Broad: In the India-England test match (IND vs ENG) being played in Edgbaston, English fast bowler Stuart Broad scored 35 runs in an over. Indian Captain Jasprit Bumrah did this to him. Because of this pin, Broad’s name was recorded in Test cricket’s most expensive bowling alley to date. Prior to Broad, three bowlers had the record of going 28-28 runs in an over.

This record was set in round 84 of the Indian innings. The Indian team had lost 9 wickets for 377 runs. Bumrah and Broad were face to face on the field. Here Broad threw the first pitch, on which Bumrah’s bat hit the rim and the ball made 4 runs on the thin leg boundary. Broad kicked the second ball bouncer, who went over the boundary while also hitting the wicketkeeper.

The referee signaled a wide and India got 5 runs. The next ball hit the top edge of Bumrah’s bat and the ball went straight for 6 runs. The umpire also gave a no ball to this ball due to the overstep i.e. India got 7 runs.

Due to a wide ball and no ball, Broad had so far conceded 16 runs in just 1 ball. Now the second bullet has arrived. This yorker was sent by Bumrah with high accuracy for 4 runs. On the next ball, Bumrah got lucky and taking the inside edge of the bat, the ball went out for 4 runs on the stump side.

On the fourth ball from over, Bumrah again hit a four. So far, 28 runs had come in 4 balls. Bumrah didn’t stop there. On the fifth ball, he hit a six and retired a single from the last ball. In this way, a total of 35 runs were scored in this series.

Bumrah’s explosive staff broke a 19-year-old record. In 2003, South African bowler Robin Pietersen was hit by West Indies batsman Brian Lara for 28 runs in an over. It was the most expensive in Test cricket so far. Although James Anderson in 2013 and Joe Root in 2020 also gave 28-28 runs in one on each, but he escaped that embarrassing record recorded to his name.

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