Stricter COVID-19 Guidelines to be followed in Universities in Delhi, Mask compulsory all the time in JNU

The increase in cases of coronavirus in the national capital has prompted higher education institutions including Delhi University (DU) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) to take the necessary steps to control the spread of the virus in their institutions. While the DU issued guidelines on Saturday advising students to stay in their homes or hostels and avoid being present for their academic work without being “extremely important”, JNU on Sunday forced everyone to wear masks at all times within campus.

In a statement, the DU said academic activities and key activities would continue with hot tests at the gates, public disarmament and mask wear, while access to the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts, hostels and halls among other places would be banned and no outsiders would be allowed. The university also canceled the reservation of the conference center and seminar for any activities until notice.

St Stephen’s College of Delhi University on Friday announced that 13 of its students and two staff members had been tested with COVID-19 after a trip to Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh last week in March. Responding to the outbreak, the college’s principal, John Varghese, said the college’s internal boundary was outside the borders of everyone.

“The outer edge of the college can be accessed by those who have a fair and regular job after the proper process at the security counter. Positioners who are scheduled to come to college can postpone their attendance until the notification informs them of the development of the situation,” said the principal. Delhi recorded 3 567 cases of COVID-19 on Saturday and the incidence of cancer continued to rise to 4.48% from 4.11 percent the previous day while 10 people died of the deadly virus. The national capital has seen an increase in cases with 3 5994 cases reported on Friday, the highest daily number so far this year, 2,790 cases on Thursday, 1,819 cases on Wednesday and 992 cases on Tuesday, according to official data.

According to the circular, JNU said face masks will be compulsory for students and staff across the campus, including hostels, libraries, administrative buildings and the street.” Students and staff will be allowed in hostels, administrative buildings, school buildings and the Dr. BR Ambedkar Central Library and other public buildings and facilities, including shopping and walking areas, only if they are found wearing a mask,” he said.

JNU has instructed its intelligence and staff to use masks at all times to “set an example” in compliance with the principles of COVID-19. Shopkeepers and canteen owners have also been ordered to wear face masks.

The circular stated that “any violation will result in the closure of a shop or canteen for two days in the first instance, and other offenses shall be dealt with in accordance with the guidelines and procedures of the Indian government, Delhi government and University notice, etc.Hand washing and temperature testing have been compulsory in all key areas, including schools, special centers, hostels, an administrative building and a large library,” he said.

Unlike the DU and JNU, which have allowed classes of students to return to college as part of their reopening process, Jamia Millia Islamia has so far never started working offline.

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