Sona Mohapatra: Do not escalate violence between relatives of patients and hospital staff

“We can ask people not to escalate violence between the patient’s relatives and the hospital staff. Do not have a bandwidth to write why. Just know in my gut that it is only damaging the pool and we can do otherwise,” Sona wrote.

The singer’s tweet comes after reports emerged of an incident in which at least seven to eight staff members, including doctors, were injured during an attack on a private hospital in Delhi’s Sarita Vihar area. Relatives of the deceased Covid-19 patient were allegedly attacked, and photos and videos from the damaged hospital had spread.

Sona also criticized a user who commented on his previous tweet, asking: “why were cases high in Maharashtra without elections or Kumbh?”

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Responding to the document, the singer wrote: “Forgive the events that are so prevalent when so many are suffering, dying? Families struggling? Maharashtra and Karnataka may have other reasons to spread but does that allow these crowds to be allowed? (PS People move, carry their diseases and spread them ?!)”

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