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Apple’s new ad highlights app tracking and email privacy protection feature

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Apple’s latest ad shows how the feature of the iPhone app tracking and email privacy protection saves your data from being sold. Apple has introduced an app tracking feature for iOS 14.5.

This feature keeps your data very private as applications do not have the ability to track your activities and personal data without your permission.

If an app wants to use your data, your phone shows a pop-up that says “Allow [app] to track your activity across all third-party applications and websites?” If you select “Request application not to track”, applications will not be able to access your data.

Apple’s latest ad revolves around a young girl named Ellie, entering an old theater-like hall, where she discovers that her personal data is being sold at auction.

Apple’s new ad highlights app tracking and email privacy protection feature

Audiences can be seen adding bids to his iPhone emails, purchase history, location data, contacts, browsing history, and other details that should remain confidential.

He then utilized the Transparency Tracking and Mail Protection application, which removes vendors from the scene. The ad has a Victorian background and is set in a period when phones were not available.

The idea is to show how users’ personal data is at risk and can be sold on the black market if users are fast enough. The ad also shows how data can be lost if users do not use the Apple feature to display and protect mail privacy.

Apple’s new ad highlights app tracking and email privacy protection feature

Apple once revealed how mobile apps are loaded with trackers aimed at extracting personal information from users. The Cupertino-giant said “one purpose is to collect and track people and their personal information.”

Apple’s new ad represents how users’ personal data is used when collected by mobile applications.

Application Tracking App allows users to choose whether they want the app to track their activity across all apps and websites. The display tracking feature of the app is available on devices running iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, TVOS 14.5, or later.

Similarly, Mail Privacy Protection prevents email senders from accessing information about a user’s email work. The feature hides the user’s IP address and prevents senders from seeing when the user opens his or her emails when the feature is enabled.

The feature is available on devices running iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8, and later.

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