Realme Dizo GoPods, Dizo Wireless neckband will be available for less than Rs 1500 during the Dizo Days Sale

The company under the product of realme Dizo has announced a three-day sale of Dizo Days. Sales will start on August 1 and will be live until August 3.

Dizo Day Sales will bring attractive deals and offers for DIZO products including the recently launched GoPods and Dizo wireless.

During the sale, buyers will be able to grab TWS ears – Dizo GoPods D and wireless earphones – Dizo Wireless at a special price after a discount of Rs 200 per unit.

Dizo first appeared in India in July with Dizo GoPods D and Dizo Wireless. The company also unveiled its first telephones in India, which also included Realme’s entry into the telecommunications market.

Dizo phones are introduced to use JioPhone but Dizo phones come with 2G support and JioPhone brings 4G connectivity to install phones.

Dizo GoPods Agreement

The Dizo GoPods, launched for Rs 1599, will be available for Rs 1399 at the time of the Dizo Days sale. Earbuds are available in two colors including black and white.

The realme Dizo GoPods feature a 10mm Large Driver, as well as a Bass Boost + algorithm specially designed for audio engineers from DIZO.

Earbuds can be customized using the Realme Link app, so you update the software for earbuds and configure gestures.

As for the battery, the Dizo holds a 400mAh battery, each earbud has a 40mAh battery. The company claims that the GoPods D earbuds offer a 20-hour playback period for a charging charge.

It comes with Google’s Fast Pair technology, which means your Android phone will automatically connect to earbuds by opening the charging case cover.

Dizo Wireless was introduced in India for Rs 1499 but during the Dizo Day sale, buyers can wear a necklace for as low as Rs 1299. The neckband is available in four colors

In terms of specs, Dizo neckband earphones featured 11.2mm Large Driver and Bass Boost + Algorithm tuned by audio engineering experts.

It comes with an Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) algorithm that reduces the negative human noise on one side during calls.

It has game mode at 88ms Super Low Latency 88ms, which ensures complete synchronization between video and audio.

Depending on the battery, the Dizo earphone is a 150mAh battery, which gives users a full 17-hour play time on one charge. Earphones also eat with the Realme Link program.

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