Ravi Shastri’s efforts strengthen Virat and Rohit’s friendship during England series: Report

Team India won two big Test series against Australia and England in the last few months. During this period, due to being in Quarantine, the players got an opportunity to spend time with each other and this gave Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma (Rohit Sharma) a chance to improve and strengthen their friendship anew.

It was not easy for the Indian cricket team to live in a bio-bubble for a long time during the coronavirus phase. But this time something good happened to the group’s interest. Strict quarantine rules gave players more time to be with each other and understand them. This has led to a new friendship between two famous Indian cricket players, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. In this case, the role of head coach Ravi Shastri was crucial.

Sources associated with Team India told the Times of India that during the India and England series, Virat and Rohit got both the opportunity and time to spend time with each other. During this, both of them understood the relationship with each other afresh and decided to forget the old things and move forward. Let me tell you that for a long time, the news about the bad relationship between these two players has often come to the fore. However, both of them have always denied these things and described their relationship as friendly.

Virat talked to Rohit continuously during ODI series-therealityhunt
Virat talked to Rohit continuously during ODI series-therealityhunt

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Virat talked to Rohit continuously during ODI series
The watchers on this matter also pointed to how these two legendary players tried to stop the rumors going on outside of Team India. It also appeared during the England series. Both of them were seen together on many occasions outside the grounds as well. When needed, Virat showed no hesitation in seeking help from Rohit. In the ODI series, he was seen constantly talking to Rohit. In a match in the T20 series, Rohit also captained the team in the last few overs. These things used to happen earlier too, but this time both of them tried more to silence the rumor mongers. However, according to those who understand cricket better, this effort of Rohit-Virat is not part of any planning. Both have understood that if there is disagreement on an issue, it is best that outsiders start talking on it, before they sit down and solve the issue.
After the England series, there was a lot of clarity in their thinking.
 With this, the source related to the case told TOI that things from outside were increasing the bitterness. This was a long standing problem in Indian cricket. Like all professionals, there will be disagreements between Virat and Rohit. But until some time ago, both of them did not think to sit down and dispel these rumors. But after the England series, things have changed and both have a lot of clarity in their thinking.

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