‘England doesn’t operate on aggression’: Ben Stokes in Virat Kohli explosion

A full and aggressive body language may work well for Virat Kohli and his Indian team but that has no effect on England’s modus operandi, said their all-rounder Ben Stokes.
The question was directed at the indignation of Indian captain Kohli in your face while throwing or celebrating the fall of a wicket.
“Every team and every player has a certain way of working on the field, which makes them successful. As a team for the last four to five years, that is not the way it works for us, ”Stokes said on the night of their second ODI win over India.
“We stick to what we do the most and what we do to build a better side. Each team has the right to its own way of working. India is where we are, ”said the peaceful player.
Asked if he liked Virat “sweet or spicy”, Stokes responded : “, I like that Virat doesn’t get runs, because that’s not good for us.”
After their 66 losses in the first ODIs, England are in danger of losing their No. 1 spot but Stokes said it was not their driving ability.
“We deserve to be No. 1 because of our results and how we played our cricket and we will not deviate from that. Being No. 1 is a great thing to have next to your name as a team, but it’s not our driving force.
“Our driving ability is the way we walk and our attitude towards playing this game. And that’s what made us successful, and the more successful we are, the more likely we are to have a chance and a better chance of being No.1

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