Rahul Gandhi will run public awareness campaign

Rahul Gandhi- Congress News: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi constantly targets the BJP government at the Center. Whether it is unemployment or corona, vaccines or a lack of beds, whether it is China or Rafael Rahul does not fail to surround the Modi government on any issue. Once again, Rahul targeted the Modi government and the BJP by tweeting. He wrote in the tweet, the BJP government’s public harassment campaign is underway, now the congressional public awareness campaign will be rolling. Will take the answer of injustice.

His sister and Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi also surrounded the BJP government. He surrounded the UP government following the death of an Altaf youth (22) in custody in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh. He wrote in his tweet that it is clear from incidents like Altaf in Kasganj, Arun Valmiki in Agra, the death in custody of Rajesh Kori in Sultanpur that the protectors have become eaters. UP leads the country in terms of deaths in police custody. The law and order situation is in disarray under the rule of the BJP. No one is safe here.

Tension between BJP and Congress over Rafale deal

The BJP launched a major attack on Congress after the new report surfaced amid opposition outcry over alleged corruption in the Rafale deal. BJP spokesman Sambit Patra told INC to stand for I Need Commission and said Rahul Gandhi must respond to it. He said that prior to 2013 a bribe of Rs 65 crore was paid for this deal. BJP spokesman Sambit Patra said the government from which the deal was made was known. This bribe was paid in the Rafale deal concluded between 2007 and 2012.

At the same time, Congress alleged that the cover-up operation was underway by the Modi government to bury the corruption in the Rafale deal. The allegation that has been made over the past 5 years goes to the highest people in power in the country. Congressional spokesman Pawan Khera said on October 4, 2018, a former BJP minister and senior lawyer turned over the documents to the then CBI director. On October 11, 2018, the Mauritian government also handed over the documents to the CBI. After that, no investigation begins and in the middle of the night Alok Verma is withdrawn and his favorite Nageshwar Rao is created. Why has no action been taken in 36 months? This is not a 60-65 crore scam, this is the biggest defense scam.

The Congress-UPA government had been in talks to buy a Rafale fighter jet, including the transfer of technology for Rs 526.10 crore after an international tender. The Modi government bought the same Rafale fighter jet (without tendering) for 1,670 crore and without technology transfer to India, the cost difference of 36 jets is around 41,205 crore. Congress asked if the Modi government would answer why we are giving an extra 41,205 crore for the same 36 planes without technology transfer to India? Who made the money and how much was bribed? How could the Prime Minister unilaterally buy 36 planes “off the shelf” when there was a live international tender for 126 planes?

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