Incessant rain caused trouble in Mussoorie

Incessant rain-

Mussoorie traffic jam: A large tree fell on the road with the buttress of the newly constructed building being constructed by the Academy administration on Lal Bahadur Shastri Administrative Academy Road in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The road was completely blocked due to collapsing buttresses and falling trees.

Large vehicle traffic is closed
, part of the tree was cut to make way for small vehicles by the Mussoorie Fire Department, but large vehicle traffic is completely closed. Due to the stagnation of vehicles, people face many problems. Efforts are being made by the Mussoorie Fire Department and the Academy administration to clear the blocked road by removing trees and debris. (Incessant rain)

Long line of vehicles in Mussoorie,

it has been raining continuously for two days. Due to the rains, landslides have occurred in many places and the roads are blocked due to debris on the road. The Mussoorie-Yamunotri 707A national road was blocked due to a major landslide near Kandikhal of Kampti Falls. Long lines of vehicles formed on both sides of the road as a result of the blockade.

It rains constantly
the officials of the national road try to clear the debris on the road passing by JCB. At the same time, the police are busy organizing traffic on the spot to deal with traffic jams on the road. But, in the meantime, due to the incessant rains, there is a lot of difficulty in clearing the debris on the road.

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