Rafale Scam: Congress surrounded BJP over Rafale deal

Rafale scam: Controversy has again erupted in India over the agreement with France on the Rafale advanced fighter aircraft. This time, the BJP accused the opposition of corruption over alleged corruption in the Rafale deal. Upon which Congress retaliated and demanded an investigation by the JPC.

In fact, after the revelation of the new report regarding alleged corruption in the Rafale deal, the BJP criticized Congress, with which BJP spokesman Sambit Patra made a big allegation about Congress and explained to INC the meaning of I Need Commission. .

Rafale Scam- On this issue, Congress Secretary General and MP for Rajya Sabha, KC Venugopal, hit back at the BJP. He says if the BJP is honest and has an honest approach to this deal, then it should form a commission of inquiry to investigate. He wondered if the BJP is being honest, then why is JPC running away from the investigation. They say she is also fleeing the JPC investigation, it just means she is hiding something.

In fact, this time in the Rafale deal controversy (Rafale Scam), the BJP alleged that between 2007 and 2013, Dassault Aviation gave a commission of 65 crore to an intermediary between the UPA government. On this matter, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra called INC as I Need Commission.

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