Nisha Rawal Wants This Like Alimony From Karan Mehra as Domestic Violence Case Gets Murkier

Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra were claiming maintenance when the man allegedly hit his head on a wall and caused serious injuries followed by his arrest.

Nisha claims that her husband hit her on the wall and then nailed her to the wall. The actress said she doesn’t want anything but she wants their child. I told him I would take care of the expenses until he reached level 12 and he has 12 years of earning money, and if I can take care of it later then I will. I had clearly told him that I would always support him and would never hold things against him.

She also added that Karan was transferring all the money from his account into his account which left him with nothing even to suck his broken toe once.

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“If something was done in my account he would transfer it to his account and do what he wants to do. For two months I lived with that broken toe. You can confirm that with my doctor.

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Later, one of Nisha’s friends also spoke to the media and revealed that she had never asked for anything from him. “He was looking for a job a few months ago and was ready to work or sweep the floor at McDonald’s,” said a friend.

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