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NEET 2021: Supreme Court reprimands the government

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NEET 2021 review: The Supreme Court said on Monday: “Young doctors should not be used like football in the game of power.” -SS) will make negative comments if they are not satisfied with the rationale for the last minute changes in the 2021 schedule. NEET 2021

The Supreme Court said it would “not allow these young doctors to play in the hands of some callous bureaucrats”, and asked the Department of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), the National Medical Commission ( NMC) and the National Examinations Council (NBE). Told him to fix his house.

A bench of Judges DY Chandrachud and BV Nagarathna asked Additional Attorney General Aishwarya Bhati, appearing for the Center, to hold a meeting with the other two officials within a week. The bench said, “You had better give reasons because if we are not satisfied, we will make negative comments about you.

The bench said: “Don’t use these young doctors as football in the power game. Hold a meeting and fix your house. We will not let the lives of these young doctors fall into the hands of callous bureaucrats.

The highest court heard a plea from 41 medical graduates who challenged last-minute changes to the program after the review was notified. Initially, lead lawyer Shyam Divan, representing young doctors, said he also filed written argument on this matter. Lawyer Gaurav Sharma, representing the NMC, said he wanted to file a response on the matter and requested a one-week adjournment.

The bench said, “Mr. Sharma, what is the NMC doing? We are talking about the lives of young doctors who will take super specialty courses. You sent a notification for the exam on July 23, then changed programs on August 31. What is that? He must take the exam on November 13 and 14.

Senior lawyer Maninder Singh, representing NBE, argued that he should have time to file his response by next Monday as there were good reasons for making the changes and authorities were well aware of the students’ difficulties. and after the approval of the three authorities concerned. It was approved. “

The bench said, “So why was a notification for the review sent to Mr. Singh?” Why can’t this happen next year? You see, students are starting to prepare for these important medical lessons months in advance. What was the need for last minute changes? “Maninder Singh said the program change has been going on for a long time and preparations have been underway since 2018 and the authorities concerned have tried to resolve the difficulties. He said: “Please give us a week, we’ll explain everything to you.”

It was said in the petition that according to the current format of the exam, 60 percent of the marks are assigned to the questions in the super specialty course, while 40 percent of the marks are assigned to the other courses. The petition claimed that, according to the newsletter, the entrance exam had been “completely redesigned” and NBE said the exam would be “postgraduate exit exam level”.

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