JEE Main 2021: Analysis by Subject of the August 31 Morning Shift Exam

JEE Main 2021: The paper today was of a moderate difficulty level. Topic coverage in all three subjects was judicious with some good questions.

JEE main 2021 exam of August 31, 2021 in the morning: Today’s test was of a moderate level of difficulty. The topic coverage in all three topics was good with some good questions. A detailed analysis of the document is given below.


For a large part of the students, the Mathematics part was moderate. As expected, some questions involved lengthy calculations. There were 7-8 calculus questions, no less than 5 algebra questions and 3-4 vector and 3D questions and 4 coordinate geometry questions. Regular practice and solving mock tests would be of great help in getting good results in these articles.


The physics test was also of moderate difficulty. Questions were asked on all the important chapters – 2 questions on optics, no less than 5 questions on mechanics, 2 or 3 questions on thermodynamics and 2 questions on semiconductors, among others. As expected, the numeric type questions were more numeric than the theoretical questions and almost all were based on simple formulas.


The section was easy to moderate and based on NCERT. Almost as many questions have been asked by the Physics, Inorganic and Organic branches of Chemistry. The majority of the questions in the section based on numeric values ​​were from physical chemistry. The whole document was based on the NCERT. Covering the NCERT and its examples would be the key to getting good grades. Chapters such as biomolecules, polymers and chemistry in everyday life, in addition to common topics, have been duly represented in the document.

Overall it was a moderate paper that can be resolved in 3 hours. The difficulty level of the subject can be assumed as Mathematics> Physics> Chemistry.

(Author Ajay Kumar Sharma is National Academic Director (Engineering) at the Aakash Institute. The opinions expressed here are personal.)

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