NEET 2021 Scam News: ₹ 5 Lakh To Write Exam, Probe Takes Police To Patna, Varanasi, Lucknow

NEET 2021 Scam News: Based on the interrogation of the four arrested, a few other members of the racket which is allegedly active in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and several other states — have been identified.

NEET 2021 Scam News: Varanasi police on Tuesday arrested a King George’s Medical University (KGMU) medical student and another for their alleged involvement in a National Cum Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET) examination solving racket. While the doctor has been identified as Dr. Osama Shahid and the other person is Abhay Kumar Mehta, police said on Wednesday. Previously, police arrested Juli Kumari, a BDS student, who was posing as the actual candidate, and her mother in this regard. Mehta is the brother of Juli Kumari, an arrested BDS-II student. According to reports, Mehta had convinced Juli to take the NEET exam in place of a Tripura midshipman – Hena Biswas – after receiving a Rs 5 lakh proposal from the Solver Gang.

Based on the interrogation of the four people arrested, a few other members of the racket who are said to be active in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and several other states have been identified. Reports suggest that the police have also formed separate teams to catch others linked to the scam. During the investigation, it emerged that a Patna-based person, known by his initials PK, is the leader of this interstate gang, while Shahid used to seek out such candidates.

Speaking to the media, Varanasi Police Commissioner A. Satish Ganesh said Shahid, from Mau District, who took the MBBS final year exam at KGMU Lucknow this year, had the used to find wannabes on behalf of a Patna-based solver gang. He said, “This gang used to take contracts to send imitators to sit for the entrance exam. In the event that a candidate qualifies for the exam, the gang charged something from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 40 lakh from the candidate.

“Police recovered copies of 15 admission cards, four photos of wannabes, four courier receipts, two cell phones containing gang member discussions, money transaction details and other items,” he added.

“The two people arrested on Tuesday disclosed the names of their gang members from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and other states. Several teams of police have been formed to catch the other members as well as the hub of the gang, ”he said.

Adding that Shahid acts as a bridge between people, the commissioner added: “There is a supply-side and a demand side. The demand side focuses on coaching centers and collects data on applicants who are from wealthy families and who have not passed the NEET exam in previous attempts. The offer identifies bright candidates, who have recently passed the exam but are financially weak. “

An FIR has been filed under section 419 (deception by impersonation), 420 (deception and dishonest inducement to deliver goods), 467 (false), 468 (false for the purpose of cheating), 471 ( fraudulently or dishonestly uses as authentic any document which he knows or has reason to believe is a false document) and 34 (the criminal act is committed by several persons with a view to the pursuit of the intention common) of IPC against them with the Sarnath police.

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