Name Drop Brands and Paid in Bitcoins: The SayPal App Will Reward Users For What They Want To Listen To

SayPal, the concept app, says it will pay users on Bitcoins every time they mention the name of their sponsored products in regular chats. The Internet is flooded with reports of users accusing technology giants of listening to their intimate conversations in order to give them more targeted ads.

SayPal says it will pay users according to what they want to hear. Redpepper, the engineers who follow SayPal, says the upcoming app is currently in its first phase of phase 1.

In a tender video on YouTube, redpepper explains how it will pay and what. The video begins with a clear message, “Your device is listening, and everything you find is sensitive targeted ads.”

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The speaker then takes the name of brands such as McDonald’s, Nike, and Coke, and his account is compensated for Bitcoins (Indian price) by discarding each product name.

In a blog post, Repepepper said the difference between them and Big Tech companies is that users “will know exactly what has been heard and get compensation as soon as possible.” The app uses voice recognition to locate specific product keywords spoken during conversations. SayPal incorporates a built-in power wallet to store benefits.

The company’s biggest challenge is to distinguish the words of natural drops from someone who is staring at their phone and intentionally repeating words.

This issue is highlighted in the comments section of the YouTube video promoting the app. The user, OhTheyAteMyCat, commented, “Also, how do you avoid people from bullying and harassment in the end? Can I just put my phone in front of my radio all day and earn money? ”

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