MS Dhoni was seen racing with a horse!

MS Dhoni-Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is seen running with a horse in a video. This video was shared by his wife Sakshi on her Instagram account and is popular on social media.
Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is living in Ranchi with his family following the postponement of IPL 2021. MS is spending time with his family as well as his pets these days. MS may be less active on social media, but his wife Sakshi MS remains very active on social media and continues to upload family photos and videos.

Sakshi shared a new video on his Instagram account on Saturday. In this video, MS is seen running with his horse. In the caption of the video, Sakshi wrote – Fast, strong. Watching the video, it looks like the horse and Dhoni are running between them. This video is very popular on social networks.

Dhoni is very fond of animals

It should be noted that MS is very fond of animals and in his Ranchi farm there are four dogs with horses. Mahi has been seen pampering his pets before. This horse of Mahi was brought back some time. Mahi and Sakshi named the horse Chetak.

A video of the horse massage was also shared
Sakshi recently shared a video of Mahi massaging the horse to her Instagram account. In this Sakshi video, Dhoni was seen massaging and pampering the horse and the horse was seen lying on the ground. This video was also very popular on social networks.

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