Elementary school admissions in Orissa amid strict COVID rules

The process for the admission of primary and secondary classes to Odisha-based schools started on April 27. The application process will be completed on May 31. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the admission process will be held with precautionary measures. Admission will take place from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on all working days. At any time, no more than five parents will be allowed. Masks are used and making social orientation compulsory.

“The admission process is done so that no child is deprived of his or her rights. It will also ensure that students are included in grade-level learning activities and will also remove the anxiety and pressure of students and parents,” the Odisha Department of Education said in an official announcement.

All students from classes 1 to 10 have been promoted to the next class in the 2021-22 curriculum without tests. The final test would not have been possible due to the COVID-19 epidemic. For students promoted to the next class at the same school, parents or guardians may not be in college.

In the event that a learner moves from one school to another, the new school may collect the information and confirmation from the parents by telephone while the previous school requires sending information including the parents’ number to the new school. Parents and guardians are required to obtain a transfer certificate from the previous school and submit it to the new school. Schools, where they collect swabs or activities related to COVID-19, may work at the local government or subsidized school. Information related to the same needs to be informed by parents.

“There is no need for the presence of students through the admission process. In the presence of parents it is necessary, schools need to ensure public confusion, hygiene, use of masks and other warnings related to COVID-19,” according to the Odisha Department of Education.

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