Man lost his pregnant wife and unborn child and shares the video of his wife who warns everyone of covid

A video of a pregnant Delhi woman is circulating, urging people to wear masks Man lost his pregnant wife.
The woman had a positive corona and died on April 26 due to a corona. Her husband shared this video.
Hello everyone. I made this video very difficult. I want to tell you not to underestimate the corona. Worse There are worse symptoms.Man lost his pregnant wife

I can’t even speak well, but I want to send my message to all of you.

Please wear a mask whenever you go out. Whenever you talk to people.

These things were said by a young Delhi woman in her last video, who died after losing a battle against Corona. But in his last video message, he instructed people to beware of Corona. Even in his last days, he urged people to wear masks.
The woman’s name is Deepika. His corona report was released on April 11. He recorded the video on April 17. After that, her condition worsened. Finally, on April 26, he died after being defeated by Corona. Deepika is survived by her son and her three-and-a-half-year-old husband.

Deepika’s husband Ravish shared the video on Twitter on May 9. Mother’s Day was 9 May. Ravish shared a video, writing, “She was completely devoted to motherhood and went to heaven with her unborn child. She also left a three-and-a-half-year-old child with me. Happy Mother’s Day Deepika.”

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