LPG cylinder becomes costlier by Rs 25 From today!

LPG cylinder-New Delhi: Prices for domestic unsubsidized LPG cylinders have been increased again. Government oil companies have increased the price of LPG cylinders used at home by Rs 25. With this, the price of LPG cylinders in the capital Delhi has now increased to Rs 834. Previously, the price of LPG was Rs 809 Although the bottle became cheaper by Rs 10 in April, after which there was no price change in May-June.

Outside Delhi the LPG cylinder is sold for Rs 861 in Kolkata as of today. At the same time, the price of the cylinder in Mumbai and Chennai is Rs 834 and Rs 850 respectively.

How much has the rate increased
this year The price of the LPG cylinder in Delhi on January 1 of this year was Rs 694. On July 1, this price is Rs 834. That is, the price of domestic gas has increased by Rs 138 this year. On February 4, the price was increased to Rs 719 per cylinder. After that the price was increased to Rs 769 on February 15th and Rs 794 on February 25th. On March 1, the price of the cylinder was reduced to Rs 819. 10 rupees were cut in April. After that the price has now been reduced to Rs 834 in July.

At the same time, the price of the 19 kg bottle in Delhi was increased from Rs 76.50 to Rs 1550. According to the Indian Oil website, on June 1, the price of this bottle was reduced by Rs 122 in Delhi. At present, the price of a 19kg bottle in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai is Rs 1651.50, 1507, 1687.50 respectively.

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