Lack of devices, poor communication is a major concern for AKTU students

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University’s (AKTU) decision to conduct semester exams online from July is giving sleepless nights to thousands of examinees as many of them do not have a laptop or a desktop. Besides, those who have them are worried about poor internet connectivity. One more worrying factor is the fact that these students don’t have any past experience of writing online exam.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University’s (AKTU) decision to conduct online semester tests from July gives insomnia to thousands of testers as most of them do not have a laptop or desktop. Other than that, those who have it are worried about poor internet connection. Another major concern is that these students do not have the experience of writing online exams.

Also, many choice-based questions to be asked in a semester exam require in-depth knowledge of the subject. This is an area where many students are no longer comfortable due to online classes taken all year long due to the epidemic.

Himanshi Gupta, an MBA student at IMRT Business School, Lucknow, said “I would like an offline exam because I have never appeared in any online exam. I am nervous. The university should write pen and paper as many students are comfortable with it.” he added that during the rainy season internet connectivity is always a problem.

Manish Yadav, 24, a second MBA semester student at a private business school, is deeply concerned about how he will deal with these challenges. “Yes, I’m worried about online testing and how it will turn out. What will be the process of doing the tests done online? The university whose guidelines are mentioned for doing a humorous test before the main exam. But one demo exam is not enough,” he said.

Utkarsh Gupta, another student, is worried about what will happen if the electricity or internet connection is interrupted during the online test. Her tweet reads, “What worries me the most is what will happen if students fail to submit the answer sheet online in time. In that case this number will have incorrect methods. Also, students will be given more time to compensate for lost time due to slowing down internet and incorrect connection?”

Many students living in rural areas of government are also concerned about internet problems. Taking to twitter, Aditya Singh said, “Please cancel the online test because there are so many problems in online classes due to a network problem. We have had a bad experience by going to online classes where students have difficulty finding what teachers are teaching.”

Khushi Srivastava from Varanasi said his college was graduating very quickly whether students could understand or not. “We are facing the worst network quality and the worst video quality. Teachers rush to the syllabus to graduate.

To address student concerns, AKTU has announced that it will hold a “demo exam” to prepare students for future exams even semester, on Saturday. These tests will be held online as offline attempts were rejected due to Covid-19.

When questioned, AKTU’s vice-chancellor, Vinay Kumar Pathak, said, “It will be a test run and students facing an internet problem will be compensated for overtime. One official said that those who do not have laptops, desktops or who are facing internet problems can visit their colleges to appear at the trial.

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