Krunal Pandya bursts into tears after making history with a bat in the first game

(Krunal Pandya bursts into tears) Hardik Pandya’s grandfather Krunal Pandya made his first appearance on the Indian team jersey today. He made history in the world in his first game. In his first match, Krunal Pandya set a record for the fastest half of the century. Only 26 great half-centuries in the bat of El Krunal Pandya. Krunal Pandya remains unbeaten with a huge 58 innings on 31 balls.

When Krunal Pandya hit today, India were under pressure after losing four wickets in a row. And in terms of hitting when faced with that pressure, such a fine innings made by Krunal Pandya has touched the hearts of Indian cricket fans. Krunal Pandya lost his father a few months ago. And this is the first time since the death of his father that Krunal Pandya arranged for an Indian team jersey in 22 yards. So in addition to his good performance with the bat, Krunal was missed by his father throughout the game.

So at the end of the game, when commentators asked Kunal Pandey to say something in front of the camera, he couldn’t say anything, he just cried. He indicated that he would speak later. Because at that moment, when he said something, he was floating emotionally and remembering his father, Krunal Pandya’s eyes were rolling again and again.

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