Kerala prepares poll results

Counting preparations took place at a college in Palakkad on Saturday.Counting of 140 parts of the Convention will begin at 8 a.m. at 633 centers.Kerala prepares for the by-elections on Sunday.

Counting of 140 meeting places will begin at 8 a.m. at 633 centers across the State. The counting of votes will mark the end of a tense election year marked by the global economic crisis.

The counting of the 2021 Council elections is unlike any other in the history of the State. A festive atmosphere reflecting the collection of votes will be in full swing due to the ban on COVID-19 from public interest.

Team members will keep a display of victory and despair especially at home. Voting will take longer, given the large number of postal votes. The long-awaited results from polling day on April 6 have put political parties in tenterhooks.

Pre-election and post-election polls have given the Left Democratic Front (LDF) the lead in the opposition United Democratic Front (LDF).

However, the UDF strongly opposed voting predictions. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala said the referendum was not a vote of no confidence. The Pollsters backed their assumptions in the opinion of 250 voters in the 2.5 lakh Council section.

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hopes to replace Congress as an opposition party in Kerala and predict an increase in its share of votes and figures. There was no public opposition to the poll findings.

Without a clear demonstration of confidence, many politicians feel that the image of the election is always foggy. Counting would be a bit of a nail biting. They showed that the campaign was very polite, with a focus on the Sabarimala issue.

Questions remain as to whether proprietary politics had been more successful than party loyalty. There were reports of partial voting that was partially fueled by regional and phase disputes and internal disputes.

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An investigation into the UAE trafficking case linked to gold trafficking has given Congress and the BJP a plot to attack the LDF government.

The ruling party was campaigning for wisdom. Complaints from national leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress’ Rahul Gandhi, were playing into the fray, they said.

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An estimated 74.06% of Kerala’s 2.74 voters cast their ballots on April 6. Election officials rehearsed the counting process to monitor last-minute receipts on Saturday.

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