JNU Administration’s response over allegations, says Faculty Members are spreading ‘Falsehood’

After a number of faculty members alleged that Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) officials were not providing adequate care to university members during the COVID-19 scandal, varsity officials criticized the statements and called the allegations “canard and false.”

The University in its release described the steps it has taken to contain the distribution of COVID-19 within the campus and the assistance provided to affected students and other varsity members. It said executives were “extremely sensitive” to the need for their members during these difficult times.

JNU Teachers condemns administration over non-cooperative attitude regarding COVID care facility

JNU executives say the Covid-19 Response Team (CRT) team was organized with the support of young teachers, NCC and NSS volunteers, and specialized technicians with basic medical training to help and counsel the community, who need hospitalization or solitary confinement.

“The team is working around the clock to get hospital contacts through beds, doctors to get advice over the phone or online, to plan meals for those who are not in a position to prepare food in their homes,” he said.

According to the administration, the Covid-19 Response Team is also liaising with Delhi Government officials to find out the Covid-19 testing, vaccination and hospitalization of those who need it. Managers held several test camps and started a second vaccination camp on Thursday.

Criticizing the statement of inadequate care provided by intelligence members, officials said any constructive proposal that could supplement the steps already taken to help and assist the affected people of Covid-19 on campus was very welcome.

“One expects the maturity and sensitivity of such teachers to offer practical suggestions, which could strengthen our fight with Covid-19 on campus,” it said.

It also stated that “encouraging statements” will not affect the commitment and management in continuing our work of providing assistance and assistance to the affected JNU members.

Earlier, a few JNU faculty members suspected that the management had placed good COVID-19 students in a detention center without receiving proper care.

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