India’s market is leading global aviation revival, will create another 9 lakh jobs by 2030, Boeing said

The Indian aviation market is leading the global recovery, having reached 76 per cent pre-epidemic levels, with a global average of 58 per cent.Data, aircraft manufacturer Boeing said from its Indian perspective, is based on traffic until April 5th.Home cars in India are fast approaching early by 2020 or ‘normal’ levels, “said David Schulte, Regional Marketing Manager, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, on April 7.

At the same time, Schulte acknowledged that the recent increase in charges for certain key domestic markets, including Maharashtra and Delhi, needed to be monitored for potential impact.Air travel bookings have taken a staggering 15 percent hit over the past few weeks amid an increase in reported COVID-19 infections and new travel and business restrictions.Despite short-term concerns, the medium to long-term situation shines through the Indian airline market, Boeing said. “India’s domestic market is the third largest in the world, and a 20-year GDP growth forecast,” said a US giant.

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This will boost demand for more than 2,200 new jets worth about $ 320 billion over the next 20 years, he added.After gaining dominance in Indian markets, Boeing has given its biggest rival Airbus a chance, with IndiGo as one of its biggest customers. The largest airline in India also has a large order book.The vision has made four key points in the Indian market:

In India, single-seat aircraft will continue to support growth in the domestic and regional markets. Workers in India will need 1,960 new aircraft over the next 20 years.

To meet the long-term need for long-term connectivity, especially in North America and Europe, Boeing predicts a 20-year market for 260 new aircraft.

India’s airline growth is expected to grow by 6.3 percent annually over the next 20 years.

India’s public aviation industry will need about 90,000 new pilots, technicians and cabinet workers during a 20-year forecast, with a growing number of women choosing to pursue aviation career.

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On the return of 737 Max aircraft, which had settled in 2019 after the twin disasters, Boeing officials said talks were underway between the company, the DGCA industry director and SpiceJet, now India’s only airline operator.

While Jet Airways has also placed an order for 737 Max aircraft, the airline has been operating on the ground since April 2019.

Boeing officials said 20 airlines around the world now operate 182, 737 Max aircraft.

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