DDA’s Green Development Area policy to promote green development, to prevent land pollution in Delhi

The DDA’s Green Development Area policy will provide an integrated framework for ‘green-focused’ development in the city, help prevent pollution and empower investors to make money through land investments, the National Real Estate Development Council said.

The draft policy aims to control development in designated rural areas and green corridors in the city and aims to include low-income (LDRA) residential areas of the capital where most farm houses are located covering an area of ​​54,000 hectares.

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She said the recommendations, as adopted, would be included in the inquiry board and recommendations included in the policy. She also indicated that the DDA would also invite NAREDCO to submit its recommendations to the investigation board. The regulations will set out a detailed process to ensure the implementation of the policy.

Whatever structure we develop, it will have local themes to manage and one window system will take care of all the permissions that may be required. Local Conservation Development Policy looks at LDRA and the green belt and their integrated development. It aims to ensure that there is a seamless connection between LDR and the green belt. Master Plan 2041 also looks at housing for urban poor people in line with the government’s housing policy, ”he said.

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He also added that in all terms, the login account process will be authorized. During the negotiations, the organizers and the farm house associations had suggested the creation of a scrow account to ensure that collections from the area were returned to the development of the area and did not find a way to copy the Central city copy and that it should be a single active agency.Rajeev Talwar, chairman, NAREDCO, said a large number of people had invested in the land and hoped that with this policy they would be able to make money with their investments.”With the help of the DDA, we have already submitted the first draft of MPD 2041. We all want and wish that change in Delhi for the next generation we want to be a bridge between policy makers and implementation process,” said Hitesh Vaidya, Director, National Center for Urban Affairs (NIUA).”We need a stronger approach to implementing the Green Zone Development Policy,” he added.

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The policy will go a long way in preventing car pollution and undermining housing growth, said Niranjan Hiranandani, President, NAREDCO.

The idea is to bring NIUA, Naredco and DDA together and focus on sustainable and planned development in the city, said Gaurav Jain, NAREDCO’s vice president (North).

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) proposed to make changes to Master Plan-2021 to include the Local Agricultural Development Policy under Section 11-A of the DD Act 1957 and issued a public notice declaring the same on February 24, 2021. The Authority requested Objections / Policy proposals to be distributed over a period of forty-five (45) days (10 April 2021).

During the consultation event, the panelists considered the proposals by providing a comprehensive framework that describes acceptable use, job mixing and FAR in the implementation / proposed green development activities / projects. They discussed options for sustainable environmental development to help landowners achieve global economic value as well as provide connectivity and physical integration infrastructure within the Green Development Area (GDA).

On April 5, Lt Governor Anil Baijal reviewed the draft Master Plan for Delhi-2041 at the newly constructed DDA advisory council meeting.

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