Increase in Manufacturing Capacity of COVID Vaccines

Increase in Manufacturing-Washington: Officials in Biden on Thursday said an increase in the production volume of COVID-19 vaccine in India has the potential to change the game beyond its borders. “It is important for us because India has suffered so much from this disease. Almost nothing in Indian society has been left untouched by this dreadful scourge. That is why we are talking about focusing on rising productivity in India, ”State Department spokesman Ned Price told the media.
“Increase in Manufacturing capacity in India, the potential for game-changing power is beyond the borders of India. And that is why this arrangement was reached and announced in the context of Quad, ”he said.
Earlier this year at the first Quad conference hosted by leaders from Australia, India, Japan, and the United States, it was decided to work together to increase the production capacity of India’s COVID-19 vaccine.
To date the United States has donated USD500 million to COVID-19 assistance in India. This includes USD100 million from government alone. The entire U.S. government, including Secretary of State Tony Blinken, has led efforts to encourage private companies to get involved, he said.

Increase in Manufacturing-We are very pleased to see that, in partnership between US government and private sector donations, we have seen another USD0.5 billion supported to go to India in its time of need, he said.

Biden officials on Thursday announced they would export 25 million vaccines to other countries, including India.

About 55 million volumes have been pledged to be shipped overseas by the end of this month, Price said, adding that the announcement could arrive in the coming weeks.

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