In the WTC, these Indian players were successful!

In the WTC -Today we tell you about the records of those players included in Team India, who have performed brilliantly in the ICC test world championship so far.

In the WTC: There is only one week left for the final match of the World Practice Championship. This match will be played between India and New Zealand from June 18. Both teams feature world-class batsmen and bowlers, so this game should be an interesting one. Today we tell you which batsmen have scored the most points for India in the In the WTC so far and which bowlers have taken the most wickets.

5 batsmen who scored the most points

  1. Ajinkya Rahane– It must be surprising to know. But Ajinkya Rahane is so far India’s top scorer at the World Trials Championship. Rahane has scored 1,095 points in 17 matches with an average of 43.80. During this time, it marked three centuries and six half-centuries. After Kohli returned to India on the Australian tour, he took the helm of the team and made headlines with a historic victory.
  2. Rohit Sharma – Indian team hitman Rohit Sharma is second in scoring for the most points for India at the World Trial Championship. Rohit made 11 league appearances, in which he scored 1,030 points with an average of 64.37. These include 4 centuries and 2 half centuries.
  3. Virat Kohli – Indian team captain Virat Kohli is number three in WTC points scored. Captain Kohli has made 14 league appearances so far, in which he has scored 877 points with an average of 43.85. Kohli marked 2 centuries and 5 half centuries during this period.
  4. Mayank Agarwal – Indian team opener Mayank Agarwal has scored 857 points in 12 matches with an average of 42.85 in the tryout championship. These include 3 centuries and 2 half centuries. He has done well at home and abroad. In the final match, too, all eyes will be on Mayank Agarwal.
  5. Cheteshwar Pujara – Cheteshwar Pujara, considered the wall of the Indian team, did not perform very well in the tryout championship. So far, he has played 17 games in which he has scored 818 points with an average of 29.21. These include 9 half-centuries. He has failed to score a century in the league so far.

5 bowlers who took the most wickets

  1. Ravichandran Ashwin – Ravichandran Ashwin won the most wickets in the Indian team’s 13 matches in the trial championship with 67 wickets. He has taken 32 wickets in four games against England this year. Previously, he had taken 12 wickets in three games on the Australian tour.
  2. Ishant Sharma – India’s most experienced fast pitcher, Ishant Sharma, has so far won 36 wickets in 11 matches in the World Trial Championship. Ishant Sharma was unable to tour Australia last year due to injury, but he performed well against England earlier this year.
  3. Mohammed Shami– Mohammed Shami is the biggest wicket taker after Ishant Sharma among the fast bowlers. It has so far won 36 wickets in the world trial championship. Due to injury, he also missed the Australian tour last year and the Test Series against England this year. However, he is certain to play in the final match.
  4. Jasprit Bumrah – India’s star bowler Jasprit Bumrah has so far won 34 wickets at the World Trial Championships. He took 11 wickets in three matches on the Australian tour, but was later ruled out of the series due to injury. He played 2 test matches for England in which he took four wickets.
  5. Umesh Yadav – So far, fast pitcher Umesh Yadav has managed to win 29 wickets in the trial championship. Yadav was also included in the team selected for the World Trial Championship. However, his game against New Zealand does not seem certain.

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