Hacker tricked someone into hacking Whatsapp, he will also say OMG after listening to the story

In today’s online age, the increasing use of social media Whatsapp is increasing the risk of cyber theft. Cases of cyber theft are heard daily in the country.

One such case was reported this week in Thane, Maharashtra. Recently, a swindler at a police station stole a 60-year-old man via WhatsApp. Let’s find out now –

What happened?

A 60-year-old Thane woman received a WhatsApp message on August 1 from her friend, Bhupendra Modi, who lives in Saudi Arabia, saying she needed 98,000 due to a medical emergency.

Upon seeing the message on August 2, the complainant sent the money to a friend’s account, within minutes, the complainant also received a message from his friend that he had typed 98,000 by mistake while demanding 6.98 lakh for his son’s work.

The complainant sent another Rs 6 lakh. A short time later a message came from a friend’s account that the complainant had sent 1 lakh Saudi Riyal by mistake and due to some technical problem it would reach a day later.

Hacker tricked someone into hacking Whatsapp

Hearing this, the Thane resident also transferred the remaining Rs 2 lakh to his account.

Shortly after all this, a message came to the WhatsApp group of the elderly women from their friend, Bhupendra Modi’s wife that someone had logged into Bhupendra’s WhatsApp account and the robber was asking for money from people by texting them. After that, the man living in Thane realized he had been deceived.

What action is taking place?

As soon as the fraud was discovered, the complainant found a MOTO registered against this cyber theft at the Naupada district police station.

Police are investigating the case and it is expected that the thief will be arrested soon.

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