Facebook is developing a Neural Wristband to support real-world mirrors that are not popular

Facebook said on Thursday it was developing a hand strap that would be able to control its unexpected glass (AR) glasses expected to be unveiled this year.

Team carriers will be able to interact with the real world through their finger movements, the company said in a blog post.

A wearable device that supports AR will also be able to detect sensory signals to interpret complex touch and hand movements.

Facebook works on Android Smartwatch via Mobile Communication.
This marks as a step up Facebook in the hot race between various technologies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google Alphabet in the industry which believes that mirrors will ultimately make full use of mobile phones.

Facebook had previously said that smart watches will need to rely on devices such as telephones for the foreseeable future due to issues such as battery life and heat generated by processing. The hand strap will be able to serve as a platform for computing and supporting such activities.

In September, Facebook said it was almost five to 10 years before they were able to deliver real “unpopular mirrors” we see that could have the same capabilities as allowing people to see and share shared content shared.

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