Apple Watch has saved the life of its owner, seeing this great feature, you may also want to purchase this watch

New Delhi: Every technology company brings something unique or special to their products for the public to enjoy. In that case, Apple also leaves nothing out.

It is always Apple’s job to maintain all the features in their products that can be useful to its customers.

One of the unique and life-saving features of Apple’s Apple Watch Series 4 has recently saved the life of its owner.

How has the Apple Watch saved lives?

The story is from Long Island. Brandon Schneider is a marketing professional and an active coach where he praises his Apple Watch for saving his life today.

According to an Apple Insider report, Brandon was in the emergency room when he needed to go to the bathroom. He was washing his hands in the bathroom when he suddenly fainted.

The Apple Watch’s ‘fall detection feature’ tied on his wrist was activated and after 60 seconds of no response to the watch’s message, the watch informed paramedics and Brandon’s father, which saved Brandon’s life.

Brandon had broken bones in the head due to a fall and hematomas also formed on the head were growing.

The 25-year-old boy needed brain surgery immediately and fainted for four days. Brandon gives full credit for this second life on his Apple Watch.

What is the ‘falling feature’ of this clock?

Apple’s introduced this feature for the first time in the Apple’s Watch-4 series launched in 2018.

If you wear this watch and fall, its ‘fall detection feature’ creates an alarm that will notify your emergency contacts and emergency services if you do not turn it off within minutes.

and also sends your location. This Apple Watch feature works in conjunction with your iPhone’s Health app.

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