Gold Price- Gold became cheaper by more than Rs 500

Gold Price Drop Today: There was a drop in gold and silver prices on the second day of the week as well. Gold also got cheaper on Tuesday. If you intend to buy gold, this is the right time for you. At this time, there is a decline in gold and silver prices for several consecutive days. After today’s trading, gold slipped below 50500. HDFC Securities reported on this.

How cheap is gold?
Let us tell you that on Tuesday gold became Rs 547 cheaper in the Delhi bullion market and stood at Rs 50,471 for 10 grams. Meanwhile, gold had closed at Rs 51,018 for 10 grams during the last trading session.

Silver has also become cheaper
Apart from that, if we talk about the price of silver, then there has been a drop too. After today’s trading, silver slipped from Rs 864 to Rs 59,874 per kg. Meanwhile, speaking of the last trading session, its price was Rs 60,738 per kg.

Gold has become expensive

In the international market Speaking of the international market, there has been a rise in gold prices here today. Here, gold is trading higher at $1,828 per ounce. Meanwhile, silver is steady at $21.31 an ounce.

Do you know what the expert opinion is?
HDFC Securities Senior Analyst Tapan Patel said: “After Gold fell in Comex last night, the spot price of 24K gold in Delhi fell by Rs 547.”

Before buying, check if the gold is real?
you can also use the government app to check the purity of fake gold. Through ‘BIS Care app’, you can check the purity of gold whether it is real or fake. Apart from that, you can also complain through this app.

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