Delhi University announces full funding for students who have lost their parents due to Covid-19

Delhi University has announced that students who have lost one or both parents due to Coronavirus infection will receive a full fee waiver.

New Delhi: The Delhi University has announced that it will offer a full fee for students who have lost one or both parents due to Coronavirus infection. The statement was made by the DU vice-chancellor on Friday. The university has written to its colleges asking them to conduct research and make a list of such students.

“The University of Delhi has written to its colleges to conduct research on students who have lost their parents to coronavirus. We wanted a report on the matter on Monday,” Dean of Colleges, Balaram Pani, told PTI.

The fee will be 100% for students who have lost their parents or both due to the virus between the second waves of the epidemic. They will not even pay any test fees.

“At the varsity level, we know of employees who have their own wards studying here and will be paid a fee. At the college level, college governing bodies will have to use it. They will have to ask for certain documents to prove this,” said an official who requested anonymity.

According to the official, there are three types of colleges under Delhi University – colleges maintained by trusts; those cared for by the university; and colleges are fully or partially funded by the Delhi government. The Delhi government fully or partially supports 28 colleges, including 12 fully funded by city officials.

The principal of one of Delhi’s government-sponsored colleges said, “We welcome this initiative. Once the decision is finalized by the varsity, we will place our governing body and accept it. Since our college is funded by the Delhi government and is a financial matter, it will need to be approved by the governing body. “

Some of the top colleges have already started the process. Rajesh Giri, principal of Rajdhani College, said 30 students lost one or both parents during the second wave, while no such catastrophe occurred during the first wave.

He said: “Our students have also created a Google Student form and the fee will apply to those who want to enter the new course. They will have to provide a death certificate for their parents. The college had given Rs 2,010 to all its students during the first wave ”.

The principal of Aryabhaytta College, Manoj Sinha, said they would follow the varsity decision.

“We will play our part in this and this will be our share in the community. We have established a Student Fees Permit Committee to identify students. We are trying to help students. We have contacted other NGOs that support students during the first wave, “he said.

After the screening, an NGO in Mumbai decided to fully fund the education of five female college students, he added.

Ramjas College principal Manoj Khanna expressed his gratitude for the decision. He said, “We will wait for official information and when that happens, we will make the right decision.”

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